About Beelite

BEElite honeycomb cardboard …

… are 100% recyclable panels, with a core made of honeycomb cardboard and an external paper layer, ready for printing.

They are suitable for countless applications.

BEElite honeycomb cardboard’s perks …

  • Environmentally-friendly – FSC-certified and fully recyclable.
  • fire retardant certified.
  • Strong and versatile – suitable for the most ambitious printed designs.
  • Flat and lightweight – easy to transport and store.
  • User-friendly – simple to assemble.
  • Budget-friendly – cheaper than other paperbased cardboard panels, PVC or wood, with minimal transport costs.

BEElite honeycomb cardboard VS other paperbased cardboard panels

BEElite honeycomb cardboardOther paperbased cardboard panels
Material (core)100% recyclable honeycomb cardboardCorrugated cardboard
Relative weightLighterHeavier
Panel finishThe same on all four facesFaces are different to each other
CuttingDust-freeNot dust-free
Applications2D and 3D2D and 3D
Relative priceCheaperMore expensive

About BEElite

  • Beelite is a subsidiary of the DI-group, a leading Belgian manufacturer of honeycomb cardboard.
  • Beelite NV was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Eruopal Packaging, which was founded in 1947 and is active in the design and production of transport packaging, cardboard angle profiles and honeycomb cardboard.
  • All Beelite NV products are produced in Belgium (Mouscron). Beelite panels are shipped across Europe from this central location.
  • DI-group is a family owned group of SME's with quality, service and customer loyalty in its DNA.
  • Beelite NV is ISO 9001 certified and is working on continuous quality improvement in collaboration with its customers and partners.
  • Beelite NV is committed to sustainable entrepreneurship, with a focus on people, environment and economy.
  • Beelite NV is one of the few manufacturers that have managed to develop several stable qualities that are suitable for both printing and cutting.
  • Since 2010, Beelite is available exclusively through distributors across Europe.

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