Customized panels

Special boards : custom made

Cut2Size Service

  • Board size can be changed from 500m² off within thickness 10mm, 16mm and 25mm.
  • The leadtime for production is the same as for standard non-stock items.
  • There are no extra costs involved, if only the length of the boards changes. This means that the same price/m² is valid as for the standard sizes.
  • In width, we always start from 1200mm or 1600mm. If the custom size is an equal divisor of the standard width, no extra costs are involved. In any case, the total width of either 1200mm or 1600mm should be taken into account.


  • max. width: 1600 mm
  • max. lenght: 5000 mm
  • max. thickness: 50 mm
Customized panels
Customized panels
Customized panels

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